Turntable Furniture was founded in 2018 by Julian Secomb, a Tucson native. Julian has been making and designing things for over 10 years, from custom home installations to the interiors of private jets. His passion for good design and beautiful interiors led him to launch Turntable Furniture.

Turntable Furniture’s mission is to make furniture that is beautiful, high-quality, and uniquely functional. Most modern furniture falls into two categories: it is either factory-made with cheap, low-quality materials, or each artisanal piece costs thousands of dollars and only the super-wealthy can afford it. There isn’t a solid option for people who want high-quality, but don’t want most of their income to go towards decorating their home.

We believe that what you choose to put in your home matters - you see it and use it everyday! The Turntable collection has been lovingly crafted from the ground up - it’s easy to put together, easy to take apart, and will help you organize and simplify your life at home. Every detail of our furniture has been designed with your daily use in mind.

When you buy from Turntable, you aren’t buying something from a factory half-way around the world cranking out machine-milled particle board. You are buying something that was made by hand in a small Tucson, Arizona workshop, with no shortcuts. Our small team is obsessed with quality and craftsmanship - every piece is made by hand with solid hardwood joinery. All of our materials are bought locally, and we are proud to be creating local jobs through the manufacturing process of our furniture.

The US is swimming in cheap junk that goes straight to the landfill within a few years of being bought. We believe that the ethical path forward is to invest in quality and even better, know where your stuff comes from and who is making it.

We appreciate each person who joins us on this path forward to a more sustainable, local, and livable future. Thank you for your support!